Feeney Law Office, PLLC works to empower families seeking educational services, focusing on the rights of disabled students to a free and appropriate public education.

We are one of the few law offices in the state of Washington to focus in civil rights and disability law. The goal of Kerri Feeney and her associates is to protect and assert clients' rights while guiding them through the legal process. 


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For over 14 years, Kerri and her associates have advocated for the rights of disabled clients.  With 25 years of experience as an educator, Kerri's dedication to providing legal services in a cost-effective and efficient manner has earned her a reputation that clients trust.  

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Feeney Law Office is a dynamic team of legal professionals who share a passion for justice and a commitment to social responsibility. They have the talent and drive needed to handle the complexities of special education advocacy.

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In addition to special education and disability law, Feeney Law Office is able to advise and assist clients with guardianship and adoption matters, as well as mediation and civil litigation.